handmade  jewelry . . .


The newest passion of mine is sculptured, metal jewelry. When I discovered that I can use my hands to create metal pieces, I was hooked. I always missed organic, soft textures in jewelry and now I can create not only that, but as well continue to imprint nature and her beauty. I love how is impossible to create two of the same pieces, making each jewl complitly unique and special. I co-create with nature a lot and aim to produce talismans, pieces that not only look beautiful, but also support you energetically.

When you place an order for a piece, I dive deep in my meditative practice and from there I create in ritual, making each piece a talisman of sort. I do this because it is my way of practicing conscious creativity and because I am aware that my state of being will shape the item and imprint some of my vibrations into metal. After the crafting process I soak it in rain water with some oils and leave it on the sun or moon. But because bronze is a wonderful energetic keeper I invite my cistomers to give it a invitation or intention before wearing it.


Composition: Bronze is made of copper and tin. It has a wonderful warm hue mimicking 14K gold. Made from recycled metals.

After firing process the organic clay component vapours leaving pure, hard metal that will last forever. 

On all products I apply wax with essential oil, so it is protected from oxidation and have a wonderful, natural smell. Sometimes bronze jewelry can cause the skin it touches to turn a greenish hue. This is not harmful and does not mean the jewelry is poorly made. All metals tend to oxidise over time when exposed to the elements, to avoid this, keep your jewelry dry and clean. Simple method of cleaning is with lemon or soaking in a solution of half water and half white vinegar. To maintain the shine of your new jewellery use a polishing cloth.


handmade  textiles . . .


I design, sew and in some cases dye the textiles in my home atelier in Slovenia.

I started to work exclusivly with natural materials in 2014, focusing on linen and simple basic designs for everyday life. 

I developed quite unique way of decorating textiles with plant prints and many products are botanically dyed and printed.

My vision for the future is to create only unique pieces.

working with plants . . .

Wild carrot aka Queen`s Anne lace_Natural dyed textile with its flowers__#interior #interi
My first attempt to create textile art piece for the wall. I use linen, dyed with plants a
This season I will have couple of workshops.jpg

I am working with plants for about 10 years now and I am continuing to be in awe of their beauty.

I work in variety of ways, from extracting dye for the textiles, printing them directly to the products or using them as module for jewelry.

What could I create that is more beautiful than that of nature, so I co-create and imprint her magic into products for our everyday life.