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Naag 01

€ 77,00Price
  • Naag shape with intention to awake something inside. I am lost for words, just feel and see if this shape is for you.


    The basic intention behind creating with Snake - Naag is to assist you in transformation and dealing with challenges when traveling through death-birth. I do however invite you to give it your own, specific intention. Jewelry was always a supporting element, but the true meaning was a bit lost recently, approaching to it in this way can be incredibly helpful and empowering. I create each talisman by hand, so the shape will never be the same, but similar. You can as well share your intention with me and I hold the intention while creating in ritual.


    Size; aprox. 6 cm​                                                                                                      Each pendant is hand crafted and therefor unique, slight variations should be exected.

    It comes on high quality 14K gold plated chain necklace made of 304 stainless steel  with lobster closing.​

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