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Serpentine transformation

  • Strong talisman to support you in transformation.



    Serpentine was named because it resembles a serpent's skin. It is excellent for trance work, ritual and shamanism. This earhing stone aids meditation and helps you to understand the spiritual basis of llife. It opens new pathways for the kundalini energy to rise. Infintine stone brings you into contact with angelic guidance, accessing and integrating past, present and future. holding this stone takes you into the between-life state so that healing of a former lige which was not undertaken at the time can be completed. This stone is excellent for all past-life exploration as it promotes forgivness for oneself and what you went through, It heals imbalances from past lives and clear emotional baggage from previous relationships. Use Infinite stone if you need to confront anyone from your past as it brings a gentle touch to the meeting. written by Judy Hall


    Behind you there is a pattern that is continually opening, supporting the untainted fool who dares to step out of what is. Leave people with their own thoughts and perspectives, they are not your pillar of change, you are on your own and courage is required. To be and do things differently, will always attract some resistance in others and they cannot reflect back to you what is not there yet, until you build a pillar in the new energy level where you shine unconditionally, you are open to misunderstandings and criticism. The path of transformation is always painful, as it is not easy to surrender and trust completely. But change must happen, you must go into unknown and be a fool who does not know, but feels the pull. Remember, even though you cannot be supported by what is, there is a much greater force behind anything that is willing to change, enter in communication with that part of Life and tap into the power of Snake.



    On high quality 14K gold plated chain necklace made of 304 stainless steel with lobster closing.​ Wire is as well gold plated. 

    Necklace was created in ritual, when you receive the necklace I invite you to hold the crystal and give it your intention or prayer. 

    This piece of jewelry is unique, you will receive the exact item from the photo.


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