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From the Sky earrings

€ 80,00Price
  • Hand sculptured golden bronze with Lapis Lazuli gemstones.

    Lapis is one of my favourite stones to work with, ever since I was a child I felt protected and connected through it. The myths surrounding Lapis are amongst the oldest in the world and originate from ancient empires such as Egypt and Byzantium. (read more in section below)


    Golden bronze piece is hand sculpured and always in organic, unperfect shape and texture. Because of handcrafted process you can expect an unique piece with slight differences from what you see in the photo. If you have any conserns about that, please contact me before your purchase.


    Ear hooks are gold platted, so if you have sensitive ears or some sort of allergies, it should be okey.


    Lenght; aprox. 3 cm


    Offering a special price for the necklace and earring set, as well you can buy necklace seperatly, Nara necklace is in my shop.

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