New from my atelier


Handmade textiles

I am working with textiles for couple of years now. I design, sew and dye clothes, accessories and home products, always using high quality, natural materials. That is vey important to me, mostly I work with linen, but also with hemp and bamboo. I am exploring natural dyes, eco prints and hand stitching. My vision is to create special pieces, filled with natural magic, so you shine even stronger!

Handmade jewelry

Those perfectly imperfect shapes that only hands can create,

each piece is hand sculptured specially for you.

I create in ritual, that means that each piece is conciously made in a state of meditation.

I use bronze metal clay in hue of gold, clay componante evaporates and you will receive a hard, natural metal piece of jewelry.



My name is Anja Doblanovič Šešek and I am the one creating fo You.

I have had a creative brand since early twenties years, and it was always far beyond having a bussiness, it is exploration of my inner world and ways to express it.

As I change and grow, so does my creative brand. It is my way to devote myself to the energy flow that is at the moment present, it is returning home, becoming who I truly am. 

I find enourmous pleasure creating for beautiful tribe of like minded souls. I am honoured when you resonate with my work and decide to include it into your world.

I live on the hill, next to the forest in beautiful country side in Slovenia, where I have a little attelier in our house.