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Anja OriAn

handcrafted jewelry & textiles
free flow movement
guided meditation



My name is Anja and I am the one creating for You.


I am creating with my hands since beginning of my tweenties,

I have learn to sew, design and hand dye, so I can create special pieces of natural clothing.

I have explored different approaches to jewelry and have found myself at home with metal clay.

I dance since I was a child, and I have created my own movement practice in 2021. I am exploring ways to guide people into the flow state through free movement and meditation. I am now slowly bringing all of it online for you.


I create in my home studio, next to the forest in beautiful country side in Slovenia.


Thank you for your trust and support.

Love, Anja 


made by hand

There is something about a product made by hand, each piece receives the energy of the moment through hands of the maker. I create in meditational flow, in my own creative ritual.


Each jewl is completely unique and therefor special.


I never liked polished, perfect...anything. I like the cracks, the uneven, little bit weird and lot of interesting. I use super cool material that is clay like and so I sculpture each piece by hand, but magic happens when I put it in a kilm, organic component evaporates, metal pieces melt together and the result...amazing unbreakable metal piece made by my hands!!

Made of recycled metals, I am using bronze in 14K gold color.


read more about the process...

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