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How to

Find a ring size

Bronze rings do best with some air circulating between your skin and the metal.  

I would advise going half a size up rather than having a very tight fit.

Think about on which finger you would like to wear your ring and follow the simple instructions bellow. 

The easiest way is to come and see me in my atelier in center of Ljubljana.        Get in touch at


Use the ring you have!

The easiest way is to find a ring at home that fits perfectly on the finger you want to wear your new ring. Simply measure the INNER diameter of your ring, find it in second table of the chart and translate it in the ring size! 


If you do not have a ring of perfect size at home

Not to worry, all you need is a string, ruler and a marker!

- use any kind of string

- wrap it around the base of the finger

- mark where the string beginns&ends with the pen

- measure string with the ruler 

- find in first table "Circumference" and translate in ring size 


Ring size chart

And tadaaam the last step, use the ring size chart to translate the measurements into a ring size!


I understand that buying rings online is not the easiest thing and perhaps you are a bit worried if you will give the right size. What I can offer you to calm your worry is, if the ring does not fit you right, you can send it back to me and I create smaller or lager size for you. So you can exchange the ring for better fit with covering shipping costs on my end (and of course yours). This does not apply for one of a kind designs. 

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