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My name is Anja Doblanovič Šešek,

I am a daughter of Manja Šešek, a strong, independent woman who raised me to "do what I can with what I have", to relay on my own strenght and be a creator of my own life.

I am a daughter of Dušan Doblanovič Jimmy, a wise, educated, escentric men who thought me to never fear to be different, to explore the unknown all that all we seek is inside of us.

I lived most of my life in my home land called Slovenia, the nature of the land is my so-called third parent. The forest, rivers, mountains are what I daily come to for inspiration, relaxation and support. 


I am a self thought artisan/facilitator, I love the process of investigation and play. I have been on this path ever since I left my home at age of 18, and in this time I worked with different ways of expressions. The work is personal for me, it was always a tool to manifest the energies I feel inside, to ground them. It is how I grow. Be it handcraft, embodyment or meditation, I always follow my own intuition and trust that those who are attracted by the product/practice are the ones for whom is meant for. So in the end, following my own self organically benefits others.


about  the  jewelry

When I discovered that I can use my hands to create metal pieces, I knew then and there that I needed to try this technique.  I am always attracted to organic shapes and those were kinda missing in jewelry designs for me. There is something about a product made by hand, each piece receives the energy of the moment through hands of the maker. Amplyfing the vibrational level when it is made in meditational flow. Each jewl is completely unique and therefor special. I am continuing to co-create with nature, using her shapes and patterns and adding my own inspired visions. I aim to produce talismans, pieces that not only look beautiful, but ones that also support you energetically.

After the crafting process of each piece I soak it in rain water with some oils, and leave it on the sun or moon light. Bronze is a wonderful energetic keeper and I invite You, my customers to give it a special invitation or intention before wearing it.


Composition: Bronze is made of copper and tin. It has a wonderful warm hue mimicking 14K gold. Made from recycled metals.

After firing process the organic clay component vapours leaving pure, hard metal that will last forever. 

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