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My name is Anja Doblanovič Šešek

I am a self thought artisan/facilitator, I love the process of investigation and play. I have been on this path ever since I left my home at age of 18, and in this time I worked with different ways of expressions. The work is personal for me, it was always a tool to manifest the energies I feel inside, to ground them. I always follow my own intuition and trust that those who are attracted by the product/practice are the ones for whom is meant for. 


STUDIO K2, Križevniška 2, Ljubljana

Come and visit me in the center of Ljubljana, see & touch the jewelry, measure your ring size or just say hi!                       Schedule your visit, send email to

Amazing group of creative women of Studio K2:                   Liturgy Self Love Supply                                                       Nika Klinec Jewellery                                                             Wiktoria Mankovska                                                               Andreja Benedejčič                                                                 Superflinda 

HOME atelier, Dolenjska

Most of the time I spend at home in my cozy studio. I am surrounded with figs, trees, vineyard, garden and a gorgeous view, here I have peace and forest just around the corner. 

I love that my life and my job are intertwined. It is joy, it is growth, it is way of life and so my home is my creative bubble.



Made by hand sculpturing from clay like material that contains bronze dust. After it's dry I put it on high temerature and organic component evaporates, leaving pure hard metal which I hand sand and polish it.                                                                                                                                                               Composition: Bronze is made of copper and tin. It has a wonderful warm hue mimicking 14K gold. Made from recycled metals.

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