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Bronze pendant was made by imprinting Evergreen Oak leaf,

it comes with support of Crysocolla crystals, on chain necklace with lobster closing.

pendant; 3 cm,

necklace; 22 cm 

Each piece is handmade and unique.



Gorgeous golden bronze has rustic look and feel. Amazing metal clay material allows me to sculpture with my hands, giving each piece hand crafted vibe and special one of a kind look. After firing process the organic clay component vapours leaving pure, hard metal that will last forever. I leave each product on the sun to bathe with high vibration, imprinting clean energy so it is ready to be empowering piece for you to wear. 



Composition: Bronze is made of copper and tin. It has a wonderful warm hue mimicking 14K gold. Made from recycled metals.

On all products I apply wax with essential oil, so it is protected from oxidation and have a wonderful, natural smell. Sometimes bronze jewelry can cause the skin it touches to turn a greenish hue. This is not harmful and does not mean the jewelry is poorly made. All metals tend to oxidise over time when exposed to the elements, to avoid this, keep your jewelry dry and clean. Simple method of cleaning is with lemon or soaking in a solution of half water and half white vinegar. To maintain the shine of your new jewellery use a polishing cloth.

Please keep in mind the pictures shown are similar to what you will receive, but not identical.

All items come packaged and gift wrapped.

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