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Gemstone necklace

€ 80,00Price
  • Gorgeous necklace with high quality gemstones and handcrafted golden bronze tube bead.  You have a variaty of gorgeous gemstones available, and short discribtion bellow of their properties. 


    You can choose between 3 options for lenght (on the photo you see "choker", please be aware that we all have different bodies and so it depends how this lenght will look like on yours (the mannequin on which is photographed is thin). I suggest you meassure another necklace you have for comparison.


    Golden bronze piece is hand sculpured and always in organic, unperfect shape and texture. Because of handcrafted process you can expect an unique piece with slight differences from what you see in the photo. If you have any conserns about that, please contact me before your purchase.



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