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Hi, my given name is Anja Doblanovič Šešek

So my story goes something like this. When I finished art school in Ljubljana, I didn't see myself being in the class rooms anymore, it was enough of that and I didn't feel I knew what I want to study and who I am. I did know however that life was calling me to experience it, so I went traveling and soon enough I open an art shop in old part of Barcelona, Spain. That was a first big creative project, and it happened when I was 20 years old. Later on I refocused on finding myself through creative expressions, textiles, hand stitching, jewelry making, everything that gathered my focus, relaxed my mind and open the space for my creativity to flow freely. I was always looking for ways to explore and was seeking freedom and power to be myself. There was no question, I always used natural materials, ways to be in harmony with her, Nature is forever my one true teacher and inspiration. I always work in co - creation with her. For few years I worked exclusively with linen and hemp, I created a unique technique of prints with real plants I gathered, I studied and worked with natural dyes and eco print technique.

In 2022 I dove into metal jewelry, medium which I currently work with. 


I am a founder of Free Flow movement practice, where I create space and guide people through relaxation, sinking into the body, connecting with the heart and offer music journey for their self-exploration. I am a catalyst of sorts, a spark that ignites and invites people toward transformation.



Križevniška 2, Ljubljana

Come and visit me in the center of Ljubljana,

see & touch the jewelry, measure your ring size or just say hi!        


Schedule your visit, send email to

Together with amazing group of creative women:              

Liturgy Self Love Supply                                                    

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