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All my pieces are made from bronze in gorgeous archaic gold colour. I use this incredible material, developed in Japan in the 90's, it is soft and cold and so I can sculpture pieces with my bare hands. Incredible right! 



All pieces are therefor unique, take their own time to be created and always have organic, perfectly imperfect shapes and textures. I love the stories of natural textures, I collect imprints from natures surfaces, plants and animals and print them into material. They are forever captured in metal and hold their own vibration and stories.

I put all the loving attention I can possibly manifest at that moment to each order. I am forever grateful to each and all of you who trust me with creation of pieces that hold invitation to be used as talismans, objects of your intentions, prayers or deepest requests. 

Photography by Teja Blatnik 

Photos were taken by my good friend, my sister Teja Blatnik
in my house atelier in Dolenjska, september 2023.

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